Protective Fire Safety by London City Fire


As one of London’s leading Fire Safety companies, we take a comprehensive approach to fire safety measures in both the commercial and residential sectors.

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We also have a fully qualified in-house electrical contracting division that caters to all work from minor residential repairs to complete Tier 1 Data Centers.  

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Fire and Electrical Specialists

We are Registered & Certified with all the relevant industry standard bodies.

We work throughout the Greater London area to provide Protective Fire Services to commercial and residential clients. As a company we provide service to all sectors across all industries. All of our solutions are designed to be suited to your environments, giving you the bespoke fire protection you can rely on in the event of an emergency. 

Whatever protective fire safety measures and electrical requirements we recommend to you, we will ensure that it meets the relevant regulatory code for your specific situation and premises. 


Protective Fire Safety by London City Fire


Our fire alarm services not only meet our clients’ demands for quality but are also fully compliant with BS5839 (Commercial and Residential) fire safety regulations. Let us help to ensure your property is properly protected.

Emergency Lighting  Company


Our Electrical dept specialise in emergency lighting systems because they are an essential part of fire safety measures should the standard lighting fail in the event of an emergency to allow people to find the exits.

Electrical Contractors in London


Electrical fires are one of the most common fire hazards in the UK due to the increase of demand on ageing systems. We provide homeowners and businesses with reliable electrical services from simple repairs to complete rewires.

Fire Risk Assessments


The first step to preventing fire outbreaks is to assess the potential risks. Our fire safety assessors are focused on protecting life and property by identifying and advising on vulnerabilities in your structure.

Fire Door Maintenance


Fire doors are an essential line of defence against a fire spreading out of control through buildings and blocking exits in the event of an emergency. We can advice, instal and maintain your fire doors for your premises.

Service Fire Extinguishers


Fire Extinguishers are a critical part of fire safety and risk management. The right fire safety equipment is essential for detecting and extinguishing fires, to reduce the risk of injury and protect your building from damage.

Fire Safety Signs


It’s a requirement by law that all safety equipment and exits are clearly marked for staff and visitors as a necessary safety measure from the types of extinguisher and fire action to fire exit signs.

Fire Safety Training


Fear is our natural reaction to fire which is why it is important that your staff have the appropriate fire safety training. We offer 45 minute classes that give comprehensive fire safety training.

Fire Safety Company in London - LCF

London City Fire has been providing fire safety services throughout London for over a decade.

Fire protection measures are essential for all buildings. From workplaces to residential units; it’s vital to have effective safeguards in place like fire alarms and fire extinguishers.

If you’re committed to protecting life and property, our comprehensive fire safety services can help.

Working with property developers, building firms and owners, we ensure that structures are well-equipped to prevent and minimise the risk of fire.

Talk to one of our experts about your fire safety and prevention requirements.

We believe safety is always a top priority.

By working with designers, architects and developers, we put fire prevention at the core of new developments. Of course, it isn’t just new structures that require advanced fire safety solutions. There are many buildings in and around London that need updated fire prevention measures and protection strategies. With our unique approach to fire safety, we’re making London safer all the time.

All fire safety, detection and protection systems must be regularly serviced in order to highlight any potential faults. This means conducting preventative maintenance that keeps them reliable for the foreseeable future.

Let us help you ensure you’re giving your protective fire safety systems the care they need.

Working hard to make our services as accessible as possible, we offer a free quotation, as well as a price match guarantee to provide you with more value than anyone else in the industry.


Every year, thousands of companies suffer major losses due to fire incidents.

It is important to note that most of these fires could be avoided if the proper safety precautions are practiced at all times. Start planning the correct fire protection methods for your workplace.

To find out more or to talk to one of our experienced fire & safety experts, call us today on 0208 712 5232 for free no-obligation advice!

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