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Safeguard your business, premises and staff in real time with LCF Access Control Solutions.

We can supply, install and configure scalable security access solutions for your business.


What System is Right for Your Business?

We can recommend, supply, install, maintain and integrate many types of intruder systems, CCTV systems and access control systems. We will also ensure any system recommended complies with latest regulations and industry standards. 
Networked Access Control System in London

Networked System

A networked access control system is used where control is required at a central point. These systems are ideal for medium to large sites providing simple management control of users and large numbers of doors.

 Access is gained by using a numeric code, PIN with a keypad, by presenting a proximity or magstripe token, or by ‘possession’ with handsfree tokens depending on which type of reader fitted.

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Standalone System

Simple access control – Standalone access control is the simplest way to secure and control access through doors around a building. If you’re looking to step up security, protect your staff and assets and save money, then standalone access control is for you.

Talk to your team today for advice on a system that would work for your business. Call: 0208 712 5232

Web Based Access Control Systems in London

Web Based System

In the world of access control the access permissions are not stored on a local server, but in the cloud. This means that the administrator can manage the permissions from home, or while on vacation anywhere, simply by using a browser. This appeals to security managers charged with overseeing multi-location facilities.

We can advise you on a system that works for your business. Call us 0208 712 5232.

Powerful Access Control Software



Manage doors, users and schedules across your business with Verkada smart access control solutions.

Cloud-based | Easy to Maintain | Integrate with your CCTV

No on-site servers, automatic software updates for the latest features and security enhancements and Cloud-based controllers that simply connect to the internet.

Grant, edit or revoke role-based access for users across sites from any device. Video footage with integrated access control reveal user events across all doors in real-time. Create and edit door schedules and groups to manage building access.

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Smart Keys | Digital Locks | Remote Control | Access History | Better Control

Talk to us about securing your business. We can assess and implement a system built around your individual requirements that includes CCTV, video monitoring, security alarms and access control. 


Talk to us: We would love to hear from you, whether you need some advice on your fire safety requirements or existing equipment tested, serviced or replaced, business security or home automation our team are always on hand to help.

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