Our fire alarm services not only meet our clients’ demands for quality but are also fully compliant with BS5839 (Commercial and Residential) fire safety regulations. Ensure your property is protected.

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Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

Ensure that you’re protected 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with advanced fire protection, detection and extinguishing systems with the help of the London City Fire.

We supply and maintain a comprehensive range of fire detection and alarm systems from conventional fire alarm systems, analogue addressable fire alarm systems to the latest wireless fire alarm systems and domestic detectors throughout London and the surrounding counties.

Regardless of the fire alarm requirements you have, our team of experts are on hand to supply and install a well-designed system that you can rely on the event of an emergency!

We always ensure that the fire detection & prevention measures we recommend for your premises will meet the UK regulatory code of practice.

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Commercial Fire Alarms

Category L1-L5 Fire Alarm Systems

L5 Fire Alarm Systems are designed to provide thorough detection and alarm for specific areas of buildings that are considered high risk and require extra attention. This can include a manual system as well as automatic detection (known as L5/M) and is often used if we can identify specific areas of high risk in the building.

L4 Fire Alarms Systems offer fire detection for escape routes, while L3 detects in escape routes and all of the surrounding rooms that lead to them. As such, people who are aiming to use escape routes can be alerted to danger beforehand, letting them know if a corridor is smoke logged and another escape route is necessary.

Systems designed as L2 expand the protections of L3 alarm systems to a wider area, and also cover some high-risk areas. L1 offers comprehensive detection and protection throughout the building.

Residential Fire Alarms

Categories LD1-LD3 Fire Alarm Systems

For residential properties, LD1 Fire Alarms Systems are installed throughout the property, ensuring detectors are situated in all spaces that form the escape routes, as well as rooms in which fires are more likely to start, with often only the toilet, bathroom, and shower rooms excluded.

LD2 Fire Alarm Systems include detectors in circulation spaces within the escape routes and rooms that pose a high risk of fire, while LD3 systems tend to offer protection specifically for escape routes for the premises.

All of our residential life safety systems are designed, installed, commissioned, and maintained to the standards of regulation BS 5839-6:2019.

Whilst the category of fire alarm you need will be specified in your fire risk assessment, the type of fire alarm system which should be chosen is decided from what is ‘appropriate’ for your business.

Conventional Fire Alarm
• divides your premises into broad zones
• in the event of an alert, the fire alarm panel identifies the zone, but not the precise area
• most suitable for smaller or lower risk environments

Addressable Fire Alarm
• each individual device has its own unique electronic address
• if one activates, the fire alarm panel tells you precisely where the problem is
• most suitable for larger or higher risk environments – e.g. schools, care homes, hospitals

Wireless Fire Alarm
• uses a secure wireless link between the sensors and the fire alarm panel
• typically works the same as an addressable system, just without the wires
• most suitable for premises where lots of cables would be unsightly – e.g. churches, historic buildings

Who Needs a Fire Alarm?

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Current UK fire alarm regulations state that all business premises must have ‘an appropriate fire detection system’. This basically means that a fire could easily be detected and people within the building could easily be warned.

However, this doesn’t mean that all business premises need a fire alarm system!

You might not need a fire alarm system if all of the following statements are true!

1. Your premises are small, single-storey or open-plan
2. You don’t have any high-risk substances on-site such as chemicals
3. There are no high-risk activities on-site, such as cooking
4. You don’t have any vulnerable occupants, e.g. the very young, elderly or disabled
5. If a fire broke out on-site it would be easily spotted straight away
6. Shouting ‘fire’ would be easily heard by all occupants of the building.

If one or more of these statements does not apply to your business, then you probably need a fire alarm system.

If you are the slightest bit unsure … Talk to our team for free advice.

Fire Alarm Installation

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Whatever the fire detection and alarm requirements on your premises may be, ensuring that all systems are correctly designed and efficiently installed is key to maintaining high levels of safety.

As one of London’s leading fire safety companies we are fully versed with the requirements of BS5839, and equipped to deliver full and thorough fire alarm installations to all types of property, keeping you safe and compliant with all UK fire safety legislation.

We design, supply and install bespoke fire alarm systems that are tailored to the needs of your business or residence, whether it be a new installation or adding to an existing system. Each system can incorporate, heat detectors, smoke detectors, aspirating detectors, manual call points, control panels and sirens to suit your individual environment.

Once your fire alarm system is installed and commissioned, the engineer will demonstrate how to use the system and the fire alarm panel, and how to perform the weekly test and fill out your log book.

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Fire Alarm Maintenance

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Let us help you ensure you’re giving your fire systems the care they need. 

All fire panels and alarm systems must be regularly serviced to highlight any potential faults and to provide the preventative maintenance that keeps them reliable for the foreseeable future.

Having a fire detection and alarm system in place is of no use if it is not in full working order and regularly maintained in accordance with BS5839.

Ensuring your fire alarm system is maintained regularly is the best way to ensure safety across your premises and that you are compliant with current UK fire safety legislation. Our experienced technicians are able to conduct one-off testing, inspection and repairs to all types of fire detection and alarm systems.

Fire alarm maintenance is a legal requirement so talk to us today to ensure your systems are working and up today.


Talk to us: We would love to hear from you, whether you need some advice on your fire safety requirements or existing equipment tested, serviced or replaced, business security or home automation our team are always on hand to help.

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