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Designing a personal home cinema is an exciting and rewarding project.

A successful home cinema design is a blend of technical specifications, such as immersive viewing angles and room acoustics, as well as the interior decorative design, which will enhances your experience and comfort

We can advise you on and equip your home with the latest and smartest technology with seamless integration to deliver an immersive entertainment experience in your own home.

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Experience dramatically clear sound for shows, films, and gaming. Plus, stream music, radio, podcasts, and more. Start with a soundbar and easily expand your system when you connect a subwoofer and rear surrounds over WiFi.

Bring films, shows, and games off the screen with richly detailed, realistic sound.

Stream music, radio, podcasts, & audiobooks from your favourite services.

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Home Entertainment Setup

High End Home Cinema and Sound Systems

Thought your favourite movies couldn’t get any better? Just wait until you experience them in glorious high definition and stunning surround sound. Our team will transform your living room, basement, garage, attic or any other area into an immersive entertainment space to suit your family, lifestyle and budget.

Lighting Design

Both during and after the film lighting levels must be perfect. Our lighting designs work in harmony with our lighting control systems to ensure lamps are dimmed to just the right levels while watching. Integration with the smart home system can automatically dim lights when a film starts and raise them again when the film is paused or stopped.


Talk to us: We would love to hear from you, whether you need some advice on your fire safety requirements or existing equipment tested, serviced or replaced, business security or home automation our team are always on hand to help.

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