We provide complete end to end solutions for home automation and security.

Our technicians have hands-on experience with all aspects of the process from system design and implementation to the maintenance and updates.

We are preferred installers for some on the leading manufacturers in the home automation space; Gira, Legrand & Lutron.

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Gira Preferred Installers


Seamless comfort, control and security for your home is more accessible than ever before. A house that automatically adjusts the heating when you arrive home or switches off all lights as you leave is no longer a crazy idea or unaffordable!

More and more people in the UK are adding some level of smart automation to their homes. Incorporating smart technology into your house will enhance the time you spend at home, reduce stress associated with not being around and cut running costs through efficient power management. 

You can upgrade your entire home or specific areas with the help of smart technologies the enable you to have full control throughout your home via and mobile app installed on your phone or tablet and in-wall touchscreen device. 

Gira System 3000 Smart Light Switches System

Gira Light Switches

The experienced team at London City Fire will help you understand what’s possible and then help you quip your home with smart systems that seamlessly integrate your house and devices to give you full control and peace of mind from single smart locks to full scene control and automation. Call us today on 0208 712 5232.

Climate Control

A smart home climate control system can save as much as 30% on your electricity bill through efficient zone control. Come home to your ideal temperature every day.


Through an app on your smartphone, you can view your CCTV feeds, ensure that all doors and windows are locked and get notified when any motion is detected.


Seamlessly integrated multi-room audio visual systems give you with the ability to play any music, movies or TV in any room, multiple rooms or different rooms at once.

Take Control of Your Environment FROM ANYWHERE!

Smart lights, sound and climate control all managed from a central point or device. 

Internet-connected devices enable the remote monitoring and management of your home devices and systems; such as lighting, climate, audio-visual, blinds, wi-fi and security to create a truly smart home that compliments everyday living through the harmonisation of smart devices.

We can add automation to homes of all ages!

Don’t feel left out because your home is a little older. We have systems that seamlessly connect to your existing wiring to avoid tearing into walls and ceilings that save time and money.

While most home automation systems require some sort of mobile app to operate there are also systems that are just as smart but are easy enough for the in-laws to use ? No special bulbs and even works when the WiFi goes down … That’s How Smart!



Remote Control

Control connected lights and appliances alongside HomeKit-compatible products from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Voice Control

Control HomeKit-enabled accessories with your voice using Siri on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

Scene Control

Quickly and easily create scenes that let you control multiple devices together. Advanced Customisation.

Schedule Control

Set a single device to turn on and off at a specific time or create groups of devices that turn on and off at various times.

… and that’s just the beginning of what’s possible with Home Automation Technology! 

remote monitor your airbnb property

Do you have a property on airbnb?

There is a smart way to manage the property that not only increases the convenience for your guests but helps you maintain control and monitor what’s going on, ensure safety and security and save on your utility bills when the property is not occupied.

We work with a variety of products, suppliers and technologies to bring you bespoke home automation packages that suit your individual needs.

Smart lights, locks, thermostats, blinds, curtains, appliances, plugs, tv’s, gaming consoles, you name it and it’s likely we can automate it to some degree to bring you convenience and control.

It’s not just about turning things and off either .. it’s about setting the scene, saving time, saving money, having fun and enjoying your home home in new ways that add a little extra to your days! 

Set scenes and sequences for occasion or daily routines, lock doors, close blinds and dim the lights for movie night or bed time. As you get home .. tap “i’m home” to have the lights come on, your favorite soundtrack playing and your ideal climate all ready for you.

Talk our tech guys today to find out more about what we can automate for you. Call 0208 712 5232 or use the form below.

Smart systems include MyHome, Unifi, Amazon Echo, Google Home Nest, Insteon Hub Pro, Samsung SmartThings & Wink Hub.

Home Entertainment Setup


Thought your favourite movies couldn’t get any better? Just wait until you experience them in glorious high definition and stunning surround sound. Our team will transform your living room, basement, garage, attic or any other area into an immersive entertainment space to suit your family, lifestyle and budget.

Designing a personal home cinema is an exciting and rewarding project.

A successful home cinema design is a blend of technical specifications, such as immersive viewing angles and room acoustics, as well as the interior decorative design, which will enhances your experience and comfort

 We can advise you on and equip your home with the latest and smartest technology with seamless integration to deliver an immersive entertainment experience in your own home.

Multi-room AV distribution systems will revolutionise the way you and your family experience the entertainment in and around you home. Integration with the smart home system can automatically dim lights when a film starts and raise them again when the film is paused or stopped for the ultimate experience in luxury, convenience and comfort. 

Let your home welcome you at the perfect temperature.

Warm. Cool. Or somewhere in between? The most comfortable temperature is the temperature we don’t notice at all – and that’s exactly the temperature our homes should be at when we return.

The Gira room temperature controllers timer warms your living room to your desired temperature before you get home.

Via the Gira eNet SMART HOME wireless system, you can also control your radiators wirelessly. The system is quick and easy to retrofit in old and new properties.

Automatic climate control ensures that your living space is kept at the right temperature even when you’re not there.

Enjoy the perfect temperature in every room all the time!


Install a smart thermostat and compatible smart radiator valves and you’ll have full control of the heating in every room of your home.

Besides comfort & convenience of this … You’ll save on Heating Bills!

The ability to pre-programme daily heating schedules that are easily adjustable from your mobile phone allow give you the ability to only warm up rooms and areas that are going to be used. Scheduling is extremely easy and can be operated with a voice device like Siri or Alexa as well ….

how can WE help you live better!

Add smart smoke alarms, cameras, door bells, lights, sirens, air quality monitors and more to your smart home system to deliver a truly integrated, automated space that you can control from anywhere with just your phone or smart remote. We supply, install and support a range of products to ensure you get a system that works for you!

Devices and Work are all Guaranteed


Our home security products include a wide range of CCTV and home alarm systems, to discourage and prevent intruders.

With homes that use additional home security measures 5 times less likely to be burgled, a visible home alarm is a sound investment. If you are away from the property for an extended period of time, then a smart home alarm and IP camera setup will alert you if an intruder enters the property, via email or text.

We can advise you on and equip your home with the smartest tools and seamless integration that enhance your security at home.

A smart system allow you to schedule lights to come on and turn to give the illusion that you are home to reduce chance of a break-in while you are away.



With a With the Gira System door intercom, style, functionality and hospitality begin even before reaching the front door. In the dark, backlit modules ensure good legibility and an attractive appearance.

This modular system can be configured for various applications from single and multi family homes to entire apartment buildings and office blocks.


Respond to visitors at your door immediately via your smartphone, whether you are at home, at the office or on the other side of the world. In this way you can tell the delivery person where to leave a package or welcome guests while still in the kitchen preparing dinner.

Thanks to the people detection, you will be alerted in real time on your smartphone if someone is lurking around the front of your home. Using the in-built microphone and speaker, you can even deter unwanted visitors.

Whether you looking to add some convenience and peace of mind to your every day or you want to fully automate your home … We can help!

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Talk to us: We would love to hear from you, whether you need some advice on your fire safety requirements or existing equipment tested, serviced or replaced, business security or home automation our team are always on hand to help.

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